Public School Supporters Blast Charter Recommendations

Public school supporters are blasting the state education commissioner's endorsement of 17 new charter schools around the state, including 10 in Boston.

Marilyn Segal, of Citizens for Public Schools, calls the move the "privatization of public schools" and says charter schools have an unfair advantage.

"Public money is being spent, being overseen by a private board of directors," Segal said. "The local community has no say in this, it's outside the realm of the school committee, and that's just not fair."

Segal says the new schools, especially the 10 endorsed to open in Boston, will take additional resources from already-financially struggling public schools.

"We do know that it will take resources away and we know that schools are closing in Boston, neighborhood schools that are part of communities."


This program aired on February 18, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.


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