Daily Rounds: Outrage On Overpaid Insurance Exec; Pharmacists On Warpath; Painkillers For Cash; A Breather For Health Law

Culture of greed upsets attempts at health care reform - The Boston Globe "If the governor is going to get any support from me and most of the public on health care reform, he needs to make a strong statement on the issue of overcompensation of health care executives. As a primary care physician for more than 35 years who has seen benefits to patients wither and the burden of costs shifted from insurance companies’ ledgers to patients’ savings accounts, I am stunned by the arrogance of Blue Cross Blue Shield and the entire health insurance industry to allow this type of transfer of income from the working class to the wealthy." (

Trio publicly crusaded against rising health costs - "Key members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield board that gave the nod to then-CEO Cleve Killingsworth’s controversial $11 million severance have been public advocates for trimming soaring health-care costs — even as they sat on a panel that quietly approved the departing chief’s golden parachute." (Boston Herald) Pharmacists Fight Mandatory Mail-Order Prescriptions - "A fierce battle is being waged between retail pharmacists and mail-order companies over where people should be able to fill their long-term prescriptions." (

Former Needham doctor and nurse practitioner indicted in six overdose deaths "The indictment alleges Zolot and Pliner knew their patients were addicted to drugs, including street drugs such as cocaine, but that they prescribed medically unnecessary painkillers in exchange for cash, or payments from insurance companies." (

Judge Calls Time Out, Gives Breathing Room To Health Law | WBUR & NPR "U.S. District Court Judge Roger Vinson issued a stay of his own ruling at the end of January that found the federal health overhaul violates the Constitution." (WBUR | 90.9 FM)

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