Consumer Health Quality Council Sets Sights On Next Phase Of Reform

Public Health commissioner John Auerbach speaks at the council's 5th anniversary
Public Health commissioner John Auerbach speaks at the council's 5th anniversary

The Health Care For All event yesterday was mainly to celebrate the first five years of the Consumer Health Quality Council, which aims to help patients and advocates influence health care in Massachusetts.

But there were also a few "forward-looking statements," as publicly held companies like to put it. Amy Whitcomb Slemmer, head of Health Care For All, said:

This morning is an opportunity to reflect on the last five years, and to look ahead to the work before the Consumer Health Quality Council. We will expand the Council membership and their voices will continue to play a vital role in the next wave of health reform – as we transform our health care delivery system so that it is focused on patients and our overall health. The Consumer Health Quality Council will be in the midst of that work here at HCFA and around the state.

This also seems a good moment to share a few of their cool links:

Patient and Family Advisory Councils — Does your hospital have one?

Have you had a negative experience at a hospital, and do you need help navigating its customer service? Check out The Assertive Patient.

And, frightening but important, the council has created a "story bank" of patients harmed by their treatments. Check it out here.

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