Why To Exercise Today: Learn To Dig Deeper To Carry On

A few things have happened in my personal life that have made the new year challenging. First I had an unexpected death in my family. My uncle, Ralph Farrait, passed away suddenly on December 3rd. Boxing was his life, spending much of his time working with fighters and troubled youth.

And, he wrote: wife recently had her gallbladder and thyroid removed, which has given me one more dependent to care for during some stressful weeks at work. All in all, these challenges are getting better to handle and I remain positive and determined to stay grounded so as to best serve the Devotion community.

The late Ralph Farrait
The late Ralph Farrait

This year has been trying and as I was explaining to a close friend last night, I use my boxing training to stay strong. It's a unique sport that requires one to be at their strongest when they are at their weakest. How strange to think of this--a fighter physically drained of all energy and life has to--if he wants to win--dig deeper and find something where there appears to be nothing so that he can carry on.

This program aired on March 21, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.

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