Roundup: Tokyo's Water Risk; Romney's 50 Waivers; Obesity Norms; A Child Donates A Heart

Tokyo Issues Tap Water Warning for Infants - "Radioactive iodine detected in Tokyo’s water supply prompted Japanese authorities on Wednesday to warn that infants in Tokyo and surrounding areas should not be given tap water to drink, adding to the anxiety about public safety posed by Japan’s unfolding nuclear crisis." (

Romney Promise: A Health Law Waiver for Every State (Updated) - Washington Wire - WSJ "Mitt Romney has a “health problem” – that is, his role in passing a health care law as Massachusetts governor. The Massachusetts law is widely seen as a precursor to the national health law, which is widely unpopular among Republicans. That may explain why Mr. Romney promised Tuesday, on the eve of the new law’s first anniversary, that one of his first acts as president would be to grant waivers so that all 50 states could opt out of the law." (

"Obese and overweight women and children may underestimate how heavy they are, a study finds - "These findings imply that not only is obesity prevalent in urban America, but that those most affected by it are either unaware or underestimate their true weight," said Dr. Nicole Dumas, lead author of the study, in a news release. Dumas, an internal medicine resident at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, added, "In addition, obesity has become an acceptable norm in some families. Strategies to overcome the obesity epidemic will need to address this barrier to weight loss." (Los Angeles Times)

Heart of 4-year-old escalator victim donated - "The heart of a 4-year-old Dudley boy who died from injuries sustained in an escalator accident at the Auburn Mall has been donated to an 8-year-old boy, according to the pastor of the family’s Connecticut parish." (Boston Herald)

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