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New Abuse Allegations Leveled At Cape Cod Camp

This article is more than 12 years old.

Additional child molestation allegations regarding a Cape Cod summer camp surfaced Thursday, a day after the apparent suicide of a suspected molester there. The latest allegations involved staff members other than the man who died at Camp Good News on Wednesday.

A man and a woman, who each say they were sexually abused at the camp in the 1980s, contacted lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, who represents many alleged victims of sexual abuse. Garabedian said that at the request of Cape Cod prosecutors, he has forwarded details of the allegations to the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office.

“What was going on that the camp? There seems to be more than one molester at the camp, and it raises a lot of concerns," Garabedian said.

Charles Devita, who was the subject of another allegation forwarded to prosecutors by Garabedian, was found dead at Camp Good News in Sandwich on Wednesday.

“It’s having a snowball effect," Garabedian said. "It’s my experience through the years that a pedophile molests scores of children, until that pedophile is caught. Since Chuck Devita was there for many years, one has to wonder how many children were molested.”

There has been no response to the sexual abuse allegations from operators of the Christian summer camp.  A camp statement Thursday denied a report that camp officials had received a warning about Devita from his mother.

"Faith Willard, a 78-year-old with an MA in counseling from Columbia University, had only one phone conversation with Sandy Devita and has never met her in person, to the best of her knowledge.  That one conversation was initiated by Mrs. Devita for the purpose of asking Ms. Willard to have Chuck Devita call his mother.  At no time was the issue of abuse raised by Mrs. Devita to Ms. Willard,” the statement said.



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