Major PBS Event: Autism Series Featuring Robert McNeil

This sounds like don't-miss TV: PBS says Robert McNeil is back on the show he co-founded (remember what everyone used to call "McNeil-Lehrer"?) for the first time in 15 years for its series on autism, which is currently airing on WGBH. Tonight's episode, scheduled for 10 p.m.:

In the second report in his Autism Now series, Robert MacNeil investigates why the number of children with autism is increasing in the U.S. He meets children at different points on the autism spectrum and gets several views on the increase in prevalence — from better diagnosis to a variety of environmental factors.

And the first episode:

In the first of six reports in his Autism Now series, former NewsHour anchor Robert MacNeil takes viewers on a visit with his 6-year-old grandson, Nick, to see how autism affects the whole family. Nick experiences autism not just as a brain-development disorder, but also as physical ailments affecting his whole body.

In case you miss them (or, like me, can't stay up that late) the series has an extensive Web presence here. (Hat-tip to Karen Weintraub for the recommendation!)

This program aired on April 19, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.

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