Mass. Lawmakers Pressure LNG Over Natural Gas Terminal

Three leading Massachusetts politicians — Sen. John Kerry and Reps. Barney Frank and Jim McGovern — are urging the state to divest from Hess Corp. to protest the company's support of a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in Fall River.

State Treasurer Steve Grossman says while he too is concerned about threats to nearby residents and the environment, divestment takes a long time.

"I want to see short-term action and the only way you get action is to go to Hess, go to the board of directors, and let them know this is wrong, this shouldn't be done," Grossman said.

"Going right to the company and letting the company know we feel strongly about this, and we are going to use the leverage of our $28 million in assets to get their attention," he said.

Hess has said the facility is safe, and will help meet energy needs.

This program aired on April 20, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.


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