Police Find Bomb On Dublin Bus Ahead Of Queen's Visit

Update: Queen Elizabeth II has landed near Dublin to begin the first visit by a British monarch to the Republic of Ireland. The four-day trip is designed to highlight strong Anglo-Irish relations and the blooming of peace in neighboring Northern Ireland.

Police and Army officials say a bomb found on a bus has been made safe Tuesday, hours before Queen Elizabeth II was due to arrive in Dublin.

The device was found in the luggage compartment of a bus traveling on the outskirts of Maynooth in County Kildare west of Dublin, officials said.

It was found late Monday night and was declared safe early Tuesday morning after a controlled explosion by bomb disposal experts. The bomb parts were given to the police for testing and investigation.

Bomb experts also examined at least one other suspicious object discovered Tuesday but police concluded the small device was a hoax and did not pose a threat to public safety.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said the threat from dissidents is minimal because of the police's extensive security arrangements.

"They've put in place a comprehensive security operation. You'll recall we've had American presidents here before, a pope," he said. "So obviously while there have been incidents, the Gardai (police) have been able to deal with those."

Some 8,500 police are lining the sections of Dublin where the queen and her husband Prince Philip plan to visit. She is coming to Ireland for a four-day visit.

She will be the first monarch to visit the Republic of Ireland since it gained independence.

Her visit has prompted complaints and protests from dissident groups.

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