Daily Rounds: Brain Implants For Memory; Bad Doctors Disciplined; Troubled Nation; Prevention Strategy; Therapy For God-Fearing Gays

Memory Implant Gives Rats Sharper Recollection - "Scientists have designed a brain implant that restored lost memory function and strengthened recall of new information in laboratory rats — a crucial first step in the development of so-called neuroprosthetic devices to repair deficits from dementia, stroke and other brain injuries in humans." (

Medical board disciplines two doctors "The board said that Porter provided poor care to four unnamed patients, two of whom died. In one case, she performed a laparoscopic appendectomy on “patient C’’ but did not closely examine the specimen before sending it to the pathology lab. She had not removed the appendix, but instead had taken out nearby tissue and muscle...The board also found that Dr. Nicolas Pacella wrote prescriptions for controlled substances to individuals who were not his patients, with the intent of obtaining the medications for his own use."  ( HealthScout-Consumer Health News, Information and Resources Updated Daily-ADHD-Majority of U.S. Adults Had Troubled Childhoods: CDC Almost 60 percent of American adults say they had difficult childhoods featuring abusive or troubled family members or parents who were absent due to separation or divorce, federal health officials report. (

Administration Prescribes Prevention For Nation's Health : Shots - Health Blog : NPR ( "Sebelius said the plan "will help us transform our health care system away from a focus on sickness and disease to a focus on prevention and wellness." That shift, she said, would help "people live long and productive lives and can help combat rising health care costs."
Some 17 federal agencies are expected to be involved in executing the plan, which was developed by the National Prevention Council. The plan would draw on a wide range of health workers, institutions, community-based organizations and government agencies for help.
The strategy aims to reduce leading causes of death and illness, such as smoking, bad eating habits and drug abuse."

Therapists Who Help People Stay In the Closet - " Is it possible, he wondered, that the most psychologically sound alternative for truly devout gay men and women would be to defy both groups? It is an approach that Flanigan is sure has relieved suffering among his deeply conflicted clients, and yet he sometimes is struck by the method he has chosen. As he explained it to me, “The idea that I am helping the client stay in the closet is bizarre to me.” (

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