FreshStart Check-In, And What To Do If You Hate Weights

As we head into our final lap, I looked back at my initial goals to see how I've fared, and found one glaring area where I've fallen down: weights. I hate 'em. To me, they are just no fun. No joy. No uplift. I know study after study says that they're a crucial element of any fitness program, especially as we age. But thus far, all I've managed to do is to add some light weights to my step routine. I simply cannot persuade myself to lift weights as a separate routine. I asked Coach Beth about this, and here are her initial thoughts:

1) Buddy up---Try out a class with a friend (the town recreation classes are a great way to start.)
2) Go to the local library and take out a couple of strength training DVDs--just make sure you have the weights or bands that you need.
3) Use your own body for strength training--push ups, pull ups, squats, sit ups (old fashion circuit training), yoga

But the big question is "What is it about weights that you hate?" That is the key question. Making some progress on your journey of self discovery in this area might help you take some small steps forward. Is it lack of experience? Is it lack of knowledge? Is it fear of becoming a muscle bound she-man? Is it fear of failure? Is it time constraints?

My response: "I think it's that I perceive the burn/effort as pain. I know it's possible to change that kind of perception with cardio — I now perceive huffing and puffing as positive, not negative — but haven't managed to with weights yet."

Ideas, anyone?

This program aired on June 21, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.

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