Daily Rounds: Caffeine High For Women; Drugs For Addicts; Coaching For Docs; How Your Health Plan Ranks

Caffeine's buzz chases away women's depression - "Among a large population of women tracked for as long as 18 years each, the women who routinely consumed the highest levels of caffeine were 20% less likely than those who drank little to none to become depressed when they were nearing or in their 60s." (Los Angeles Times)

The Myth of the "Evil" Drug Addict - ( "More than 50,000 Naloxone kits have already been distributed to drug users, pain patients and their loved ones in the United States and 10,000 successful overdose reversals have been reported...The National Institute on Drug Abuse is providing a small grant to develop a sort of Naloxone “epi-pen,” similar to the one used by people with severe allergies. Instead of by injection, however, the device would deliver the Naloxone nasally. Clinical trials of this device might satisfy the F.D.A.’s requirements for over-the-counter authorization."

Athletes Have Coaches. Why Not Everyone Else? : NPR On why even Gawande could benefit from coaching: "It's ironic that in writing you have an editor who pushes and prods, even when you reach high levels. But I was really struck by the fact that I've been a surgeon now for eight years, and no one's ever come in and watched me operate, much less tried to help me think hard about how I get better results." (

Mass. health plans ranked high in national listing - Boston Medical News - White Coat Notes -"...Here’s a breakdown of the Massachusetts plans that placed in the top 20 in each category. Private plans:
1. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HMO/POS)
2. Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization (HMO/POS)
4. Tufts Health Plan (PPO)
9. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (PPO)
10. Health New England (HMO/POS)
13. Fallon Community Health Plan (HMO/POS)
15. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (HMO/POS)
16. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (PPO) ( "

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