New Labor Leader Applauds Occupy Boston

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BOSTON — Newly elected Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman is throwing his support behind Occupy Boston protesters.

Tolman says it's important for organized labor to reach out to people who are demonstrating.

"We're just letting them know that we're applauding what they're doing," Tolman said. "And we're there to let them know that sometimes you run into a bump in the road and when you run into a bump in the road it's nice to know you have family support, and that's what they have."

Tolman and his staff brought hand sanitizer, flashlights and duct tape to the downtown Boston encampment Thursday morning, where few protestors left their soggy tents to greet him.

Tolman says he will resign from the state Senate on Thursday afternoon, as the chamber is expected to vote on a casino gambling bill.

This program aired on October 13, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.


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