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WBUR Poll: Mass. Residents Find Common Ground On Closing Tax Loopholes

This article is more than 11 years old.

A poll commissioned by WBUR surveyed Massachusetts residents about their feelings on the economy and how those feelings affect their view of politics.

In the first part of the poll, which we reported on Tuesday, a majority of those surveyed said that they think the next generation will be worse off financially than the current generation.

The second part of the poll — (See the results (PDF) and the detailed results (PDF)) — asked what tools our government should use to dig out of the deep federal budget deficit. The most popular answer? Close tax loopholes for wealthy Americans and large businesses.

WBUR's All Things Considered host Sacha Pfeiffer asked Steve Koczela, the president of the MassINC Polling Group, which conducted the survey, whether that sentiment indicates the wealthy are an easy target.

This program aired on December 7, 2011.

Sacha Pfeiffer Host, All Things Considered
Sacha Pfeiffer was formerly the host of WBUR's All Things Considered.



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