Top CommonHealth Stories Of 2011

'Tis the season for year-end round-ups, and we relish the chance to revisit our favorite CommonHealth stories of 2011. We're also overjoyed to share the news that although our initial grant money from NPR has officially run out, WBUR has just taken CommonHealth into the fold and made us permanent members of its illustrious team. So for 2012, we're aiming to produce more of the same and then some — deeper, bigger, better, more-multi-media posts and more on-air appearances.

Massachusetts health reform stories:

Gov. Deval Patrick announces his plan for Massachusetts Health Reform 2.0

Attorney General Martha Coakley raises major questions about payment reform and price disparities

In particular, she finds that poorer patients help subsidize health care for the rich.

Big questions:

Surgery under scrutiny: What went wrong with vaginal mesh?

A behind-the-ledger look at Partners HealthCare's billions

Below the waist:

Sex after cancer: How to get your groove back

Why you should assume everyone has herpes

Costs of care:

The saga of the $23,000 circumcision

WBUR's Martha Bebinger
WBUR's Martha Bebinger

Not a story, just a happy note: 2011 marked the inception of Healthcare Savvy, created by WBUR's Martha Bebinger and aiming to bring health care consumers together to share and compare costs and experiences.

The patient experience:

Ten things not to say to parents of preemies

When an eating disorder takes over a teenager's life

When you think it might be Lyme Disease

Medical research and health care innovation:

New cystic fibrosis drug brings gift of a future

From Haiti to Harvard: Crucial foot soldiers of health make house calls

10 halting steps forward in research on stroke

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