Why To Exercise Today: Kitty Litter

This article is more than 9 years old.

I'd never seen work-outs like these: Great leaps up onto weight benches; all kinds of fancy pull-ups and push-ups; self-challenges that turn the barbell section into a playground.

I got to talking the other day to the young woman who performs these awe-inspiring feats at my gym, and one of the comments she made was, "The point of exercise is to be able to do things with your body."

[module align="right" width="half" type="pull-quote"]"The point of exercise is to be able to do things with your body."[/module]

Light bulb. I thought of her this week when I carted home two big tubs of kitty litter to stave off an urgent litter crisis. I carried the tubs in from the car, noting that they felt a bit heavy but not problematically so.

Then I checked on the labels: 30 pounds each. This, I thought, is reason #13 (The first 12 are here) to lift weights: Kitty litter. Please stay tuned; there are more to come.

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