Boston Police Spend $1.4M On Occupy Boston Camp

This article is more than 9 years old.

Boston spent $1.4 million on police overtime at the Occupy Boston encampment, but overall police overtime was down in 2011 by about 6 percent.

About 200 people camped out in Dewey Square for two months to protest economic inequality before police dismantled the encampment on Dec. 10 citing public safety and health.

A media representative for Occupy Boston tells the Boston Herald there was no need to spend $1.4 million to patrol and dismantle the encampment because protesters were "not an armed gang."

City payroll figures released Thursday show that eight of the top 10 highest paid city employees last year were police officers, whose pay is boosted by overtime and detail pay.

School superintendent Carol Johnson was the highest paid city employee at more than $323,000.

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