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Sens. Kerry, Brown Speak Out On Iran Threat

This article is more than 11 years old.

Sen. John Kerry says the U.S. and Israel should try to reach consensus on when Iran's nuclear program might reach the point of becoming a major threat.

Kerry, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, told a gathering of business leaders in Boston on Monday that he still believes diplomacy can avert a military confrontation with Iran.

The Massachusetts Democrat spoke as President Obama was meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has stressed that Israel will decide on its own whether to use military power to prevent Iran from developing nuclear capabilities.

Kerry acknowledged the U.S. and Israel differ on when Iran might cross the threshold of becoming a nuclear threat and said the two countries should "coordinate" on that point. But he added the U.S. was firm in its belief Iran "cannot have a nuclear weapon."

Also in Boston on Monday, Republican Sen. Scott Brown agreed with Kerry on Iran's obtaining a weapon, but said more decisive action is necessary.

"Iran's tentacles are everywhere, and they are emboldened, and we need to make sure that they do not get a nuclear weapon," Brown said.

"We've given the president the tools to do the job and not only deal with increased sanctions but to deal with the currency issues, to try to work do destabilize their currency and central bank so we can bring some real economic pressure on them," Brown said.

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This article was originally published on March 05, 2012.

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