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Vatican Releases Findings On Abuse In Irish Catholic Church

This article is more than 11 years old.

The Vatican has released a summary of its investigation of abuse in the Catholic Church in Ireland, calling for better screening of would-be priests.

Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley helped with the investigation, which is formally called an "apostolic visitation.” O’Malley was among nine so-called "apostolic visitors" that the Vatican sent to Ireland after the Irish government released reports outlining widespread abuse and a coverup by church officials. O'Malley reviewed the country's largest diocese in Dublin.

In the Vatican’s summary of the investigation released Tuesday, it said it recommends better screening and education of priests. It also said its investigation found there was an inadequate understanding of and reaction to the abuse of minors.

But it said that since the 1990s, progress has been made in understanding and dealing with the problem of abuse.

A statement from the Boston Archdiocese says Cardinal O'Malley prays the report will bring healing to the Church in Ireland.

This program aired on March 20, 2012. The audio for this program is not available.

Deborah Becker Host/Reporter
Deborah Becker is a senior correspondent and host at WBUR. Her reporting focuses on mental health, criminal justice and education.



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