Foxborough Woman Pushes Limits Ahead Of Birthday

Shannon Barbato was looking at her calendar last month when she realized she was exactly 40 days away from her 39th birthday.

"It was like fate," said Barbato, who, in that moment, decided that in the next 39 days leading up to her birthday she would do 39 things she'd never done before.

"The whole point is, why wait?" Barbato said.

39 Memorable Days

So, with no plan, Barbato began her adventure to 39 by writing down what she called a "mini-bucket list."

Barbato's firsts ranged from the exhilarating, like learning to ride a motorcycle, to playful, like flying a kite. She even did things that might draw cringes from others, like getting up and singing in front of a large crowd of strangers.

Barbato, who runs her own fitness bootcamp and outdoor fitness classes, likes making her challenges active ones.

Last year, before her 38th birthday, Barbato decided to run 10 miles a day for the 10 days before her birthday on Aug. 10, logging a total of 100 miles.

"You need to do things now, and not wait," said Barbato, who turned her Facebook page into a place of inspiration for those who wanted to watch her journey play out.

Pictures and videos document each day's adventure, along with inspirational quotes and pictures to remind others to live in the moment.

It has generated quite the audience. Barbato said she has received emails and messages of support.

"They'd say, `I can't wait to see what you're doing tomorrow!"' she said. "It motivated me to keep going."

Barbato didn't just gather fans along the way, but followers.

She said that after she went skydiving, a friend was inspired to go, as well. And, as another first, Barbato bought a coffee for a stranger behind her at Starbucks who, in turn, said they would do the same for someone else.

Barbato said the most exhilarating thing she did was fly a hot air balloon on Day 3 or skydive on Day 30 because she is afraid of heights.

"Those were things I never thought I would do," she said.

For the big day, itself, Barbato took a risk, although a slightly different kind than she had been taking.

Go Big Or Go Home

She spent the night with her parents - who she hasn't spent a birthday with since she was younger - at Foxwoods Casino and played roulette, betting $100 on red. Like the rest of her 39 days, the risk had a big reward: She hit three times.

And what about next year for the big Four-Oh? Barbato says she's planning on going even bigger for that milestone. But for that to happen, she's going to need more time.

Right now, she's deciding between two exciting options that will take place over 40 weeks, rather than 40 days.

Barbato is hoping to either visit 40 places in the United States she's never been. Or, since she enjoyed her trek up Mount Washington on Day 35 so much this year, climb to the top of 40 mountains.

"Forty peaks in 40 weeks," she laughed.

Here's what Barbato did on the run up to her 39th birthday:

1) Indoor skydiving

2) Trampoline

3) Hot air balloon

4) Trapeze school

5) Ultimate kart racing

6) Paddleboard

7) Saw tall ships

8) Segway tour

9) Firearms lesson

10) Supported "Birthday Wishes" charity

11) Indoor rock climbing

12) Ballroom dancing

13) Archery

14) Purgatory chasm

15) Mechanical bull

16) Helicopter lesson

17) Newport Cliff Walk

18) Intro to motorcycling

19) Fly a kite

20) Horseback riding on beach

21) Farm volunteer

22) Piano lesson

23) Improv show

24) Laser tag

25) Sing with a band

26) Guitar lesson

27) Mount Monadnock

28) Skeet and trap shooting

29) Wine making

30) Skydiving

31) Fencing

32) Blue Man Group

33) Duck Tour

34) Salt water fishing

35) Mount Washington

36) Ride Codzilla

37) Hang gliding

38) Buy a stranger coffee

39) Gamble at Foxwoods

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