Menino Vetoes Boston City Council Redistricting Plan

Mayor Thomas Menino has vetoed the controversial redistricting plan that was passed by the Boston City Council two weeks ago.

Menino thanked the council for its work but said the plan would have diluted the voices of the city's many minority voters.

"My central objection is my concern that the plan concentrates our many citizens of color into too few districts," Menino wrote in a letter (PDF) to the council. "And in doing so may limit their equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice."

City Council President Stephen Murphy, who voted for the plan, says he feels it was fair.

"I happen to think that the plan that was before us was a fair plan, that's why I voted for it," Murphy said. "But obviously that question has been decided and now it's back to work for us. We're up to going at it and trying to do what's fair and what's best."

Minority advocates had threatened to sue the city to block the plan if it had been approved.

This program aired on September 6, 2012. The audio for this program is not available.


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