Entrepreneur Says Edible Marijuana Goodies Are Coming To Mass.

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(“Caveman Chuck” Coker/flickr)
(“Caveman Chuck” Coker/flickr)

"Medibles" — edible medical marijuana in the form of brownies, ice cream and other treats, are heading to Massachusetts if Tripp Keber, the owner of Dixie Elixirs, a company that produces marijuana-infused food items, has his way. So reports Rachel Gotbaum in a story today about the growing business sector catering to patients who would rather eat, than smoke, their pot.

Keber envisions serving up his pot-laced sparkling sodas, chocolate truffles and even medicated bath salts to folks here in Massachusetts following the passage in November of a measure legalizing medical marijuana.

Gotbaum reports:

There are now 18 states that allow the use of medical marijuana and Colorado and Washington state recently legalized recreational use of the drug. Keber says there is big money to be made and he is currently expanding operations into six other states, including Massachusetts. He says the Bay State could have a huge customer base for his type of products.

“I would suggest, in a very short period of time, when we have the commercial application in Massachusetts, it could be a market in the excess of between $600 million to $800 million,” he said.

Keber knows from experience that creating new laws to bring commercial application of a drug that has been illegal for 70 years is not easy. But he still expects to be able to get a permit to sell Dixie Elixirs in Massachusetts within the year.

“I believe with great certainty that there will be the commercial application of medical marijuana in the state of Massachusetts,” Keber said. “How is it going to take place? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I have great confidence that Massachusetts will develop a model that is predicated on safely manufacturing and distributing these products and plants to the people that need them.”

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