Looking For A Grand, Old Nineteenth-Century House? You're In The Right Place

If you're enamored of exposed brick, grand staircases and carriage houses, you're in the right place.

An analysis from real estate data firm Trulia of the largest major metropolitan areas in the country find Peabody and Boston rank first and second when it comes to the share of on-the-market houses predating 1900.

Massachusetts, in fact, accounts for four of the top five metros in the nation.

  1. Peabody, MA — 11.2 percent
  2. Boston, MA — 9.5 percent
  3. Syracuse, NY — 8.7 percent
  4. Springfield, MA — 7.3 percent
  5. Middlesex County, MA — 6.9 percent
  6. Allentown, PA — 6.8 percent
  7. Worcester, MA — 6.7 percent
  8. Albany, NY — 6.6 percent
  9. Providence, RI — 6.6 percent
  10. Rochester, NY — 6.5 percent
Map Pre 1900s

You'd better have some cash, though, if you're eyeing a nineteenth-century house. The Trulia analysis finds that the median price of a pre-1900 house in metro Boston is $499,950.

The firm tracked median prices for every decade of the 20th and 21st centuries. And only houses built in the 2000s — median price $519,250 — cost more in metro Boston.

Apparently, pre-wired surround sound is a bit more appealing than a finely rendered pocket door.


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