Harvard Freshmen Admit Cheating, Crimson Survey Finds

This article is more than 7 years old.

Harvard's student newspaper says 10 percent of those responding to its survey of incoming freshman acknowledged cheating on an exam, and 42 percent on homework.

The Crimson reported Thursday it got more than 1,300 responses, almost 80 percent. Seventeen percent said they'd cheated on a take-home test or paper.

The newspaper said admitted cheating was lower in its spring survey of graduating seniors. Seven percent of those said they had cheated on an exam, paper or take-home test. Thirty-two percent said they'd cheated on homework.

Last fall, Harvard investigated possible cheating among 250 students on a final exam, and said more than half were ordered to leave school.

Spokesman Jeff Neal told The Boston Globe that Harvard has worked to reduce cheating, including giving presentations in freshman orientation. He said experts find it's a national problem.

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