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Forecast: 6-12 Inches Of Snow By Friday

This article is more than 9 years old.

After a bright and sunny morning, clouds from an approaching storm will move into the area during the afternoon. The snow will begin before dawn Thursday and continue through the first part of Friday.

Roads will be impacted for a long period of time. We will have several inches fall during the day Thursday and more moderate amounts of snow falling overnight.  An inch or two of additional snow may fall Friday morning.

By Friday morning, 6-12 inches will be on the ground statewide, with the highest totals along the coastline. Some areas could exceed a foot of snow if heavier bands accompany the cold air rushing over the warmer ocean water.

Each commute will be successively more impacted starting Thursday morning, with the toughest commute likely along the coastline early Friday. Winds will be strong and gusty and blow the snow into drifts. The light and fluffy snow will take a long time to accumulate, giving you the opportunity to clear it several times during the storm.

If the track and strength of the storm shifts, the impact would be for less snow to the region.

The air will grow increasingly colder during the storm and Friday will be one of the coldest days we have seen recently. Temperatures will not break the single numbers north and west of Boston and will stay in the lower and middle teens south of the city.

Saturday morning will be very cold with below zero readings in much of the area.  If you typically have issues with frozen pipes, I recommend letting the water drip a bit Friday through Saturday. The movement of the water in your pipes can prevent the water from freezing inside them.

This storm could bring minor amounts of coastal flooding to the area, but I am not expecting a major impact to the coast from this storm.

Saturday will be sunny and not so cold with highs in the upper teens to lower 20s.

It turns milder for Sunday but there a chance for some rain or snow turning to rain later in the day.

Today: Sunshine today with clouds increasing later. Blustery and cold with highs in the 20's.

Tonight: Cloudy and cold, lows in the mid teens but warmer near Cape Cod. Snow will arrive after 3 a.m.

Thursday: Periods of snow and blustery conditions, especially along the coast. Expect snow drifts and highs in the twenties.

Thursday Night: Snow with areas of blowing snow. Gusty winds will blow from the northeast.

Friday: Snow for a few hours in the morning, ending from west to east. The storm may linger through 1 p.m. on the cape. Very cold and windy with highs in the mid-teens.

Friday Night: Mostly clear and very cold. Take precautions if you have issues with frozen pipes. Temperatures range from -10 to 5.

Saturday: Mostly sunny, highs 18-23.

Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy with lows in the teens.

Sunday: A chance of rain. Mostly cloudy with a high in the upper 30s.

This segment aired on January 1, 2014.


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