Report: Fall River Mayor Faces Intimidation Allegations

A city councilor has accused the mayor of trying to intimidate him by showing him a gun during a midnight ride in the mayor's SUV last month. The mayor acknowledges showing the councilor the weapon but says he never threatened him with it.

Fall River Councilor Jasiel Correia II and Mayor Will Flanagan were political allies until Correia signed a petition seeking the mayor's recall. The mayor said Correia was intimidated into signing the petition.

Correia met the mayor and an ally in the parking lot of a city bar at about midnight Aug. 14, then drove around, Correia tells The Herald News for a story Tuesday.

The councilor said the mayor took out a gun and told Correia he never leaves the house without it.

Flanagan acknowledged meeting with Correia but denied any intimidation or threats. Flanagan said Correia had arranged the meeting and wanted to talk about how he felt threatened by the organizers of the recall efforts.

"I feel badly for what Jasiel is going through. I think someone unduly pressured him," Flanagan said.

Flanagan said his gun was holstered on his waist and he showed it to Correia. He denied taking the gun out. He said Correia told him he was considering getting a license to carry a concealed weapon and Flanagan said he offered to write a letter supporting Correia's application.

Correia said Flanagan placed the gun on the dashboard. Flanagan said he doesn't have a dashboard in his vehicle.

Correia reported the incident to police but said he doesn't want to pursue charges.

This article was originally published on September 09, 2014.


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