Critics: Gas Tax Question Will Harm Roads, Bridges

Opponents of a ballot question that would repeal a new law linking future increases in the state gas tax to the rate of inflation say the question would undermine efforts to fix crumbling Massachusetts roads and bridges.

The Committee for Safer Roads and Bridges is joining Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone to kick off a statewide campaign Tuesday at the Gilman Street Bridge in Somerville, a structurally deficient bridge under repair.

Under the law the gasoline tax jumped 3 cents, from 21 cents per gallon to 24 cents.

The ballot question would leave the 3-cent hike in place, but eliminate the portion of the law linking future increases to inflation.

Opponents of the question, including construction companies and unions, have already pumped more than $950,000 into the effort to defeat the measure. Supporters have raised less than $70,000.


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