4 Admit To Taking Bribes From Cabbies At Logan

Four Massachusetts Port Authority employees have pleaded guilty to taking bribes from cab drivers and letting them cut ahead of other taxis to pick up fares at Logan International Airport.

The men, who have all been on suspended without pay, pleaded guilty Wednesday.

They were all sentenced to two years' probation and fined $10,000.

In addition, they were barred from working for Massport or any other state agency, and forfeited their pensions.

Prosecutors identified the men as 68-year-old Kenneth Clement; 39-year-old Vadim Mkrtychev; 53-year-old Michael Garvey; and 49-year-old Donald Potts.

The men, who worked as Ground Transportation Unit agents at Logan, or "cab starters," allowed drivers to skip the sometimes lengthy wait at the airport's taxi pool in exchange for cash, cigarettes, lottery tickets and other items.


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