Forecast: Mild And Sunny Monday

The cold is coming, but not before several really nice and comfortable days this week. While parts of the western half of the country are seeing mid-winter cold, we will enjoy a taste of milder than average weather with sunshine. Monday and Tuesday are my picks for the week's best days, and if you can duck out of work early to play a late season round of golf or just take a long run, just do it.

The cold air over the Rockies is eventually going to move eastward. It will take most of the week to get here, and it’s not really until Friday and this weekend that you will notice it. Until then, temperatures will just slowly decline from Wednesday through Friday.

Solar glare is going to be a big issue this morning heading east and this afternoon heading south and west. We are now entering the period of the year with the shortest days. For the next six weeks daylight will continue to shrink, reaching a miniumum of daylight hours during the third week of December.

This weekend, with cold air in place, we'll need to watch how any precipitation affects the region. There is a chance for rain or snow late this weekend or early next week. Winter looks like it’s arriving early.

Monday: Sunny and mild. Highs in the upper 50s to around 60.

Monday night: Mostly clear and chilly. Lows 35-40.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a high between 57-63 and coolest along the coast.

Wednesday: Morning clouds, then some sunny breaks. Highs 54-58.

Thursday: Mostly sunny cooler. Highs in the mid 40s.

Friday: Partly sunny, cool. Highs around 40.

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