Forecast: With Snow Coming, Tips For Thanksgiving Travel

Today is a quiet and wonderful day. Lots of sunshine early, then clouds increase. It’s going to feel like spring and it’s hard to believe we have a snowstorm coming. There are not weather problems tonight with clouds thickening and just a slight risk of rain by the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Wednesday turns into a stormy day. If you are traveling, especially west and north, you’ll want to travel before 10 a.m. Rain will begin in the morning and then quickly change to snow, west of route 495. This rain-snow line will then move toward the coastline.

Where the snow falls, amounts will pile up significantly. I am expecting 6-10 inches of snow with some isolated 12-inch amounts possible. Snow will then decrease in amounts as you move to the coastline. In Boston the amounts will range from as little as an inch or two at Logan Airport up to 4 or 5 inches near the Newton line.

The rain-snow line will likely fluctuate a bit along the coast, and, as new information becomes available, I will refine the snow bands. In other words, those of you who live within 4-to-5 miles of the coast can expect very changeable weather during this storm.

The snow (rain on Cape) ends very early Thursday morning between midnight and 3 .a.m. This means roads will become clear for travel on Thanksgiving, and you will be able to travel much more easily.

The worst time to travel will be from about noon to midnight Wednesday on those roads where it is snowing. If you are headed to New York, I-95, which hugs the coastline, will be a better choice (weatherwise) than the Massachusetts Turnpike and Routes 395 and 84.

Have a great Tuesday and a happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday: Partly sunny and very mild. Highs of 60 to 65.

Tuesday night: Cloudy with rain developing by morning. Lows in the upper 30s.

Wednesday: Rain changing to snow from west to east from morning through the afternoon. Rain continues on Cape Cod. Winds will be gusty along the coast.

Wednesday night: Snow ends around midnight. Rain ends as some wet snow on Cape Cod.

Thursday: Blustery and cold with lots of clouds. High of 35 to 40.

Friday: Mostly sunny with a high near 35.

Saturday: Mostly sunny with a high in the mid to upper 30s.

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