Forecast: Mostly Cloudy, Dry

Like yesterday, most of the today will be dry.

Morning commuters may run into a few icy spots on smaller roads, sidewalks and driveways. Check your traction underfoot this morning before you rush off.

Skies will be mainly cloudy with a few breakthroughs of sunshine peeking out behind the clouds throughout the day.

Any snow or rain showers today will be light. Some areas, mostly north of Boston, may see a light coating on the ground, but that's unlikely to be seen in the city.

Tomorrow is a similar day, where the risk of a light snow or rain shower persists. There will be a bit more sunshine, however. Tuesday's nor'easter won't finally relax its grip until Sunday, when risk of precipitation is likely to drop off.

Once we do get back to the sunshine, temperatures will remain seasonable in the lower 40s, and the upcoming week looks mostly dry.

High pressure will build into the area later this weekend and keep New England storm free for the foreseeable future. Have a great weekend.

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David Epstein Meteorologist
David Epstein was WBUR's meteorologist.



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