Forecast: Colder Temperatures Return

After a period of above-average temperatures, a return to colder, more seasonable conditions this week. As high pressure moves in from Canada it will suppress weather systems south of the region. This means, while it will feel more like winter, it's still going to look like fall.

Temperatures will be slightly below average this week, but not on the extreme side of things. Highs will be near 40 today, but then we are going to see about 72-84 hours below freezing. This will freeze up the ground again deeper than it's been since November.

Late in the week a storm will approach from the south, but temperatures will also be warming. This means there could be some snow, but rain is likely going to fall at some point this coming weekend along with milder air.

Sunset is becoming later by about 1 min each day so you will likely notice it's light just a bit further into the afternoon. As the saying goes, as the days lengthen, the cold strengthens.

Monday: Sunny with a high near 39. West wind of 5 to 8 mph with gusts as high as 23 mph.

Monday night: Partly cloudy and cold with lows of 17 to 23.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and cold. Highs of 25 to 32.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny with a high in the upper 20s.

Thursday: Sunny with a high near 32.

Friday: Mostly sunny with a high near 35.

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