DA: Boston Officers Who Shot Suspect In 2013 Acted In Self-Defense

This article is more than 6 years old.

The Suffolk district attorney's office has determined that Boston police officers who shot and killed a man who had wounded one of them acted in self-defense and will not face criminal charges.

Darryl Dookhran was killed by police in December 2013.

Officers attempted to stop Dookhran on a Dorchester street on suspicion that he was carrying a gun.

The report issued Tuesday says Dookhran fled and was pursued. Dookhran fired a gun, hitting one officer. Two officers returned fire, striking Dookhran twice and killing him.

The injured officer survived.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said after an investigation that included interviews with more than 100 people "that there is no evidence of criminal conduct by the officers involved."

Dookhran's family had no comment, but their lawyer called it an "upsetting day."