2 New Lions Debut At Franklin Park Zoo

You may hear new roars coming from a certain part of Boston.

Two new male lions — 6-year-old brothers Dinari and Kamaia, from Dallas Zoo — made their debut at Franklin Park Zoo on Friday.

In a May 11 statement announcing the planned arrival of Dinari and Kamaia, John Linehan, the president and CEO of Zoo New England, said the "two brothers are incredibly bonded."

Franklin Park Zoo's lion exhibit had been empty since Christopher was euthanized on April 9. The 21-year-old lion had been treated "for several irreversible age-related issues over the past two years," the zoo said.

The median life expectancy for lions in captivity is 16.8 years, according to the zoo, and Christopher, who had been at Franklin Park Zoo since 2001, "was among the oldest lions within the North American population."


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