Mass. Weather Whiplash: From Hot, Dry May To Cool, Wet June

It's been an erratic couple of months for Massachusetts weather.

May was the warmest on record — 6.1 degrees above the 20th century average for the month — and it was also the second-driest May on record, with less than an inch of total precipitation falling on Massachusetts.

And then things changed in June.

Last month was cooler than the 20th century temperature average in Massachusetts, NOAA reported Wednesday, and it was also the 10th-wettest June on record, with more than 6 inches of precipitation falling.

Nationally, last month was the second-warmest June on record, with an average U.S. temperature of 71.4 degrees — 2.9 degrees above the 20th century average.

It was also the ninth-wettest June on record for the U.S. — following May, which was the wettest month ever recorded in U.S. history.


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