The One Fund Boston Will Close

The One Fund Boston, the charity set up to aid the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, announced Thursday that it has "completed its mission" and will "begin its path towards dissolution."

Then-Mayor Thomas Menino and then-Gov. Deval Patrick created the fund following the bombing as a resource for victims and their families.

The One Fund says it gave nearly $80 million in cash gifts to more than 200 victims and their families. In addition, the fund gave $1.5 million to establish programs that "continue to provide personalized care and support" to victims and their families, according to a statement.

"Although this fund forever changed the model for how to efficiently collect and quickly distribute resources to those in need — we hope that we will never have to create something similar again," James Gallagher, president of the One Fund Boston, said in the statement.

After it disburses its final cash gifts, totaling $800,000, to three recipients, the fund will work with state and city offices to close down.



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