Forecast: Sunny, But Cooler Today, With Highs In 70s And 80s

A warm, but drier Wednesday led us into a cooler, though still dry Thursday. Our second weekend of August isn’t going to be hot, and there’s a chance, depending on where you are, it may rain.

Here are the specifics:

I want to start with this potential stormy weather issue for the weekend. This forecast challenge is very similar to what I have to evaluate in the winter. We have a weather system heading for the Atlantic coastline over the next few days, and then the key to the forecast is what happens from there.

The European model has been the most aggressive in bringing the storm closest to the coast and the furthest north. If the European model was correct, most areas would see a period of rain most likely late Friday or early Saturday lasting for a few hours.

I am currently leaning towards a better forecast rather than a cloudy and wet one, however.

Northern New England
The best weather this weekend will be across northern New England as well as western New England, because those areas are furthest from the coast.

Metro Boston
There will be a cool breeze coming off the ocean so we won’t see any readings in the 80s, and as a matter of fact, Logan Airport will see high temperatures in the low to mid-70s. It will be warmest west of Route 128, but not by much.

You can expect a blend of sunshine and clouds without any precipitation. Highs will be in the 70s, which is a bit cooler than average, but with the strong August sunshine, it won’t feel cool. You might need a jacket in the evening if you are headed out.

Cape Cod
I am not expecting a lot of sunshine this weekend on Cape Cape. This could change, but as of now, we also have the chance for some rain. It’s not a washout, and the best chance of rain is Saturday with the most sunshine Sunday, mixed with a lot of clouds. Winds will be cool as they come off the water.

Have a great weekend.


Today: Sunny, with a high 77-82.

Friday: Mostly sunny, and cooler. Highs 73-77.

Saturday: Partly sunny, cooler at the coast, a bit of rain possible south of Plymouth.

Sunday: Partly sunny, with a high 75-80. Breezy at the coast.

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