Forecast: Showers Today Before 'Stellar' Labor Day Weekend With Lots Of Sunshine

Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and finally, Labor Day are the summer's three biggest holidays. As the final holiday weekend of the season, most people are hoping for great weather this Labor Day weekend.

I’m not sure the weekend forecast could be shaping up any better. First, there is zero chance of rain Friday through Monday. This not only includes southern New England, but northern areas as well. Second, the humidity will remain low for much of the weekend, although by Monday you will notice it back in the high range again, similar to Wednesday and today.

Thursday Is A Bit Unsettled

Before we get to the perfect weather this weekend, we have to watch a cold front Thursday afternoon. This is our only chance of rain until sometime during the middle of next week. So if you miss the showers Thursday, you will likely be in some drought conditions for the remainder of the week.

Thursday is also the most humid day of the next several, with dew points well into the 60s to lower 70s. This combined with lots of morning sunshine will make it feel much warmer. I don’t think Boston reaches 90 degrees Thursday, but we’ll be in the upper 80s for sure.

Cooler Friday

Friday is the coolest day of the next 7-10 with highs only in the 70s. Some coastal areas might only be in the lower 70s. This cool weather isn’t going to last very long, however. By Saturday, things warm up a bit, and it gets downright hot Monday.

Stellar Labor Day Weekend

Back to the weekend forecast. If you are heading camping when you get up Saturday morning it might be a bit cool. You’ll need a sweatshirt then, but it will warm up nicely during the afternoon. Highs will reach well into the 70s to near 80.

We warm further Sunday after a comfortable night for sleeping Saturday. Monday is the warmest of the three-day weekend, with highs near 90 and moderate humidity in the air. This could be the start of a heat wave and will likely be a heat wave for some areas. That means at least two more 90-degree days are possible next Tuesday and Wednesday. While this is quite far into the future, the pattern is so well established, I am confident the heat will continue for at least another week.

Thursday: Sunny, hot and humid. Clouds build in the afternoon with scattered showers and storms possible. Highs 85-90.

Thursday night: Evening showers and storms, otherwise partly cloudy and drier by morning. Lows 62-66.

Friday: Mostly sunny, highs 71-76.

Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 80.

Sunday: Sunny, with a high in the mid 80s.

Monday: Sunny, with a high near 90.

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