Forecast: Sunshine And Warm Temps Will Make For A 'Stunning' Labor Day Weekend

A cold front which brought scattered strong storms to a few towns Thursday evening has now cleared the area. Dew points have fallen dramatically and the air feels so much more comfortable than 24 hours ago. The humidity will remain low longer than the temperatures will.

After a cooler Friday, a warming trend pushes temperatures higher and higher into next week when they reach and perhaps exceed 90 degrees for several days. There is the chance we see a full-fledged heat wave next week if we hit 90 for three days in a row. Eventually another cold front will cool off the temperatures to more typical September levels.

The final holiday weekend of the summer season will be one of the nicest possible weather weekends.

Whether your weekend starts Friday or Saturday and continues through Monday, the weather is going to be stunning. The final holiday weekend of the summer season will be one of the nicest possible weather weekends. It won’t matter if you are spending time locally or headed anywhere in New England, sunshine and warm temperatures will prevail.

The mornings will be cool Saturday and Sunday, but warmer on Monday. As the humidity increases Monday, the air will feel less comfortable, but it will be a stupendous beach day. Tides are high in the early morning this weekend and again in the early evening, so there should be lots of sand to throw your blanket down for lunch.

We do need rain, and there isn’t any chance of it until the middle or end of next week. If you have plants in the garden or in containers, it’s a good idea to give them a good drink. While you’re at it don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated this weekend and make it a great one!

Friday: Mostly sunny and a bit breezy, with a high near 75

Friday night: Mostly clear and comfortably cool, lows 50 to 55

Saturday: Sunny with a high near 80

Saturday night: Clear, low in the mid 50s

Sunday: Sunny with a high near 85

Labor Day Monday: Sunny with a high 85 to 90

Tuesday: Sunny with a high near 90

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high 85 to 90

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