Police Chiefs Warn Of Unregistered Door-To-Door Solicitors Linked To Thefts

Police in three towns north of Boston say they are investigating unregistered out-of-state door-to-door solicitors who have been connected to burglaries and thefts.

The police chiefs of Reading, North Reading and Wakefield say the recent incidents in their communities appear to be connected with employees of a Texas-based company selling magazine subscriptions.

Police say a dozen solicitors were apparently dropped off in their communities last week. One was arrested on Friday and charged with breaking into a home in Reading. Others are suspected of taking packages from homes in Wakefield.

Police said as many as 100 solicitors may have been brought to the Boston area.

Residents are asked to call police if aggressive door-to-door sales workers turn up in their neighborhoods. Many communities require such solicitors to register for permits that include criminal background checks.


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