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Ex-Governors To Push Baker On North-South Rail Link

This article is more than 5 years old.

Two former Massachusetts governors are scheduled to meet with current Gov. Charlie Baker to promote an underground rail connection between North Station and South Station in Boston.

Democrat Michael Dukakis and Republican William Weld teamed up recently to begin a new push for a North-South link. The concept has been discussed off-and-on for decades.

Baker says he's interested in hearing what Dukakis and Weld have to say during Wednesday's private meeting, but is making no commitments.

The former governors and others backers of the rail link believe a direct connection between the two stations would unite the state's commuter rail system and close a gap that prevents direct Amtrak service from Washington, D.C. to Maine.

Dukakis and Weld have not provided an estimate on how much the project might cost.

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