Forecast: Chillier This Week — But Today Is Mild, Sunny And Breezy

It’s been a milder November this year, and you have likely noticed the landscape doesn’t even look as wintry as it typically would into the second half of November. I still have lots of greens growing, as there hasn’t been more than a handful of mornings with very cold readings.

By this point in 2014, November had already recorded many days below average. This meant last year, many plants and our lawns had transitioned closer to their winter dormant state of existence.

As of this morning, Boston and surrounding areas have had only one day — this past Saturday — where the average temperature was under the 30-year normal. We are now running around seven degrees above average for the month.

This week will be a more typical week for the second half of November, however. We’ll see at least one day in the 40s and several nights below freezing. That said, I don’t see any significantly cold air in sight. There will likely be another warm-up period before Thanksgiving, as well, after a cool down this weekend.

It still remains very dry overall, and you might ask if there’s anything you should do to your plants if they are exhibiting unusual behavior in all this warm weather. The quick answer is no, but with exceptions. If you planted anything this fall, be sure to give it a good soaking if the ground becomes dry. In spite of some rain in the forecast later this week, I still don’t see any widespread wet periods on the way.

Next week doesn’t look very cold or stormy, but it may turn colder for a slightly longer period later in the Thanksgiving weekend. The strong El Nino in place is going to be a big player in the nation’s weather during December. I expect a stormier month in December across the country, but whether that translates to more snow here is still questionable.

Strong El Nino years can often start late. The good news for winter enthusiasts is that even a warmer than average December will still be cold enough to make snow. El Nino years are something we’ve experienced before. Some may not like the lack of early snows or deep cold, but perhaps that kale still growing in your garden might be harvestable for Christmas this year.

Today: Mostly sunny, and breezy. Highs in the mid-50s.

Tonight: Mostly clear and noticeably colder. Lows 27-34.

Tuesday: Sunny and chilly. Highs 45-49.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 50.

Thursday: Milder with showers developing later in the afternoon. Highs in the 50s.

Friday: Early showers, partial clearing late in the day. Highs 52-56

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