Festive Highway Safety Signs Channel The Holiday Spirit — And 'The Force'

The state transportation officials behind the viral "Use Ya Blinkah" highway signs are back at it, this time rolling out a series of seasonally inspired safety signs.

Highway Administrator Tom Tinlin told WBUR's Newscast Unit that he and his team want to cut through the white noise of highway signs to reach people through humor and wordplay.

"Light-hearted for sure, serious message no doubt," he said. "We want to get the word out reminding people about their driving behavior and really reinforce safe driving."

Tinlin said the new safety messages draw inspiration from subjects ranging from Christmas to the new "Star Wars" movie.

"Folks will see, 'Texting Will Get You On The Naughty List,' but we also do, 'Yoda Says: Drive Safely, You Must,' " Tinlin said.

Another sign inspired by the release of the new Star Wars movie says "Trust The Force, But Buckle Up."

Vermont and several other states are also tapping in to "the force" for their highway signs.

Over the next two weeks, Massachusetts drivers will see the different safety slogans rotate on the new signs.



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