Forecast: Dry, Seasonable And Mild Pattern Resumes

In spite of the slow ride yesterday afternoon and evening, the rain was a welcome sight across the region.

October was quite wet compared to average. However, the first two weeks of November have been drier than average, so I was personally pleased to see the rain. With the thick cloud cover and low sun angle, it also appeared dark around 3 p.m yesterday, which is typical of an inclement day this time of year.

While today will feature some leftover clouds and perhaps a bit of fog early, the overall day will average partly sunny, along with milder temperatures.

High temperatures will reach well into the 50s today (Courtesy NOAA)
High temperatures will reach well into the 50s today. (Courtesy NOAA)

High pressure is not only going to take control of our weather today, but also the rest of the week and even into the start of the weekend. If you have some time the next few days to continue putting away the summer furniture, hoses and other supplies it would be recommended. There's already clear signs in a changing pattern next week with much colder weather and perhaps stormy as well.

Long-range forecasts are not very reliable in their specifics, but we can often get an idea that the weather will be cold versus warm or dry versus wet. There is an increasing likelihood of stormy and colder weather in the next week to 10 days ahead.

Temperatures the rest of this week will be seasonable. Look for highs well into the 50s each day, quite ideal for an afternoon walk or even fall round of golf.

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Wednesday: Becoming mostly sunny. Highs in the mid-50s to near 60.

Wednesday Night: Mainly clear and cool. Lows 40-47.

Thursday: Sunny, highs 55-60.

Friday: Sunny, highs in the 55-60.

Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs in the mid-50s.

Sunday: May rain, colder. Highs 48-54.

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