Forecast: Winter's Grip Continues Into The Weekend

Arriving back from vacation Wednesday, I was struck by the difference in the way the landscape looked after our recent snowstorm. It's certainly not unusual to have snow cover in mid-March, but the extent of the cold and snow after a relatively mild winter makes it all that much more of a sting.

Cold air continues to remain across the northeast. (Courtesy NOAA)
Cold air continues to remain across the northeast. (Courtesy NOAA)

Today is another very cold day as we start the second part of March. Temperatures will remain below freezing in most areas with places south of Boston struggling to the melting point for a few hours in the afternoon. The saving grace here is the strength of the sun. It's now as strong as it would be in the final days of September, intense enough to melt some snow, even in these chilly conditions.

After a couple of days of winter cold, there's the chance of more snowfall this weekend. This next bit of snow doesn't look like a major or even moderate system. The timing is such we may see some rain showers change to snow Saturday evening and then continue Sunday. There could be a few inches of snow, but there's also a chance we see next to nothing.

After the snow, I still don't see any prolonged springtime warmth. In actuality, the air will remain cold through the rest of March with the exceptional day in the lower 40s.

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Thursday: Clouds and sun. Highs 29-34.

Thursday Night: Blustery and cold. Lows 10-15.

Friday: Partly to mostly sunny and cold. Highs in the mid-30s.

Saturday: Lots of clouds, some rain and snow showers. Highs in the upper 30s.

Sunday: Chance of snow or rain and snow south of Boston. Highs in the 30s.

Monday: Mostly sunny and milder. Highs 40.

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