Forecast: An Unsettled Rest Of The Week

Yesterday was another nice day across the region, but it's the final nice day in this particular stretch for awhile. The rest of this week, New England will be close to a frontal boundary dividing warm and humid air from unusually chilly July air. It may be that we get into this cool air late in the week for a day or two.

This morning we find showers crossing the area with the heaviest rain over the northern parts of the region. A break in the showers later this morning yields some sunshine and then more showers and potentially some thunderstorms later today. These won't be severe, but could bring a heavy downpour and of course thunder and lightning.

A series of weather systems will bring showers to the area at times the rest of the week. (Courtesy NOAA)
A series of weather systems will bring showers to the area at times the rest of the week. (Courtesy NOAA)

A front will move south later this evening. Our forecast for Wednesday depends on how far this front goes. If the frontal system is far enough away, it allows dry air to move in. A closer proximity of the front and we remain cloudy. Cape Cod and the Islands have the least likely chance of nice weather tomorrow and northern Massachusetts has the best chance.

Another front on Thursday will bring a renewed chance of showers. This is also the day temperatures are going to be very hard to predict. If your area is south of this front you will be warm and muggy, with highs in the upper 70s to mid-80s. If you find yourself on the northern side of the front, temperatures can fall into the 60s -- a huge difference indeed.

Friday is the coolest of the next several days. Many areas will stay in the 60s all day. This is not a beach day by any means, unless you enjoy the cool air. The weekend should turn milder and sunnier.

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Tuesday: Lots of clouds, some showers and storms. Quite humid. Highs 78-85.

Tuesday Night: Muggy. A few showers. Lows 66-69.

Wednesday: Changeable skies with humidity lowering in the afternoon. Scattered showers and storms. Highs in the low to mid 80s.

Thursday: Scattered showers and somewhat humid. Highs in the mid 70s to mid 80s.

Friday: Mostly cloudy, some showers. Cooler and muggy. Highs 66-73

Saturday: Partly sunny and pleasant. Highs 76-81

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