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New To Boston? Here's Who To Follow On Twitter And Instagram

This article is more than 5 years old.

Are you new to Boston? Let us help you get acquainted. There's a lot to see and do around the area, especially if you know where to look.

Of course, our first suggestion is to make sure you're keeping up with WBUR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But Boston is home to dozens of social media-savvy photographers, foodies and bloggers. Here are some of our favorite accounts on Twitter and Instagram for getting to know and knowing what's going on in the city.

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Stay in the loop with these accounts.

City Hall: @CityOfBoston

Transit: @MBTA







People's Choice:


Since you're probably hungry after moving all those boxes into your new apartment, we'll put @bostonfoodies as the first follow on this list. From breakfast to dinner to dessert, Tiffany Lopinsky is all over the Boston food scene. Now, you'll just need to decide where to go first.

Follow Smita Jacob, a.k.a. @hoggerandco, for shots of Boston's iconic neighborhoods that are #winningmeover.

With its stunning cityscapes and playful portraits, @shotbydara's feed feels like a day spent riding the T (that's the MBTA) to Boston's many different neighborhoods.

Is M5 your favorite VSCO filter? Take inspiration from William Vaughn Griffin (@bostonmessenger), whose shadowy silhouettes and smart composition will give you a new perspective on an old view.

Sir Harvard Dangerfield (@harvarddangerfield) is here for your daily dose of cute, and countless selfies in front of Boston landmarks.

For an account that will take you to all the little corners of Greater Boston -- with the clean, crisp look of an Instagram filter, Sveta Damiani's (@sdamiani) your photographer.

As you get to know the city, you might hear about a little event known as the Boston Marathon. Well, you can keep up with some of Boston's runners all year long with @heartbreakersrc.

Self-described amateur street photographer Lucas Hall (@lucasboston00) will give you a window into the city through his candid photos of the people who live here.

For more portraits, Kyle Eyma's (@damnthatkidsblack) photos capture friends and fellow photographers in different places around the city.

Finally, if bricks are your thing, you're in the right city and should probably follow Brian McWilliams, @brianmcw.

We should also mention that McWilliams is the founder of our local @igboston community, an account you can follow to discover even more stunning local photography.

Updated to include the Twitter account @OnlyInBOS. The people have spoken.


Elizabeth Gillis Twitter Social Media Editor
Liz Gillis was a social media and visuals editor at WBUR.



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