Massachusetts Delegation Slams Trump For Exiting Iran Accord

Members of Massachusetts' all-Democratic congressional delegation are slamming President Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the nuclear accord with Iran.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Trump's decision Tuesday hurts U.S. credibility and empowers Iranian hardliners, while Sen. Edward Markey said pulling out undermines America's national security interests.

Rep. Jim McGovern called the decision reckless and dangerous. Rep. William Keating said had the agreement not been in place, Iran would already have a nuclear weapon.

Rep. Seth Moulton said Trump's decision "turns our back on our allies and hands Iranian hardliners a gift that makes the world more dangerous—and America less secure."

Former Democratic Sen. John Kerry, who helped hammer out the deal as President Obama's secretary of state, said the decision weakens America's security and puts Israel at greater risk.

Former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney said the agreement was a bad deal and nothing short of the permanent elimination of Iran's nuclear weapons program is acceptable.

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