Forecast: Nice Friday, But Not A Perfect Weekend

We have a fabulous day of weather today with plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Humidity is also low.

The upcoming weekend looks like a lot of clouds will be around, along with a few showers. I'm not expecting either day to be a washout but neither day will be bright and sunny. The best day is probably Sunday, because temperatures will be warmer and the risk of rain occurs mostly late in the day. There could also be a little bit of sunshine on Sunday helping to destabilize the atmosphere and yield a few of those afternoon thunderstorms.

The reason for the clouds on Saturday is going to be a frontal zone pushing northward. The winds to the north of the front are from the east and that direction will keep us cool, damp and cloudy.

Showers may occur during the day Saturday, but the best chance comes late in the day or overnight.

Some showers move through the regions Saturday afternoon and night. (Courtesy COD Weather)
Some showers move through the regions Saturday afternoon and night. (Courtesy COD Weather)

A cold front on Sunday will pull warmer and more humid air out ahead of it. This front also brings the chance for some showers and storms late in the day. Some of these could be accompanied by heavy downpours, but they won’t be widespread.

Monday skies clear and seasonable weather follows. I do see some heat building for the end of the month and early July. I think we have a period of high humidity ahead as well.

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Friday: Still dry and pleasant. Highs 68-74 at the coast, 72-77 inland.

Friday Night: Clouding up late. Lows in the 50s.

Saturday: Clouds, cooler, a few shower, mainly after noon. Highs 65-70.

Sunday: Muggy, sun, clouds, may shower. Lower 80s.

Monday: May shower, sun and clouds. Highs in the mid-70s.

Tuesday:  Partly sunny and warm. 78-82.

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