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Forecast: Summer Pattern Continues

This article is more than 4 years old.

The weather here in southern New England is quite tranquil compared to what's going on across the southeastern part of the United States. A bit of energy in the atmosphere today will kick off the chance for a few showers and tropical downpours.

Most of the time it's going to be dry, but if you do see one of these showers, you can expect a possible gully washer. Temperatures will be a bit cooler than yesterday; however, with the humidity, it's not going to feel very cool.

Thursday also features a lot of clouds, a little bit of sunshine and a small chance of a shower. Temperatures will be a little bit milder because we will add in some of that sun.

On Friday, we will increase the sunshine and get temperatures into the upper 70s. This begins a very nice stretch of weather which will last through the upcoming weekend. If you haven't been to the beach yet this year, this may be your final opportunity to really have a true beach weekend, with temperatures in the 80s and a muggy feel to the air.

Hurricane Florence is continuing to move towards the southeast coast of the United States and preparations will need to be wrapped up in the next 24 hours before the core of the storm arrives. The upper-level steering currents associated with this particular hurricane are going to become weak enough that there may still be some change in the track of the storm, as well as its intensity. This is why there are hurricane watches and warnings up for such a wide area and the reason evacuations have taken place in areas that may or may not feel the brunt of the storm.

In addition to the powerful winds, the surge of seawater and the volume of freshwater are going to create major flooding issues from late Thursday through the upcoming weekend. The storm could even stall or behave erratically exacerbating what could be a billion-dollar storm.

Strong winds arrive onshore tomorrow and become stronger Friday. (Courtesy NOAA)
Strong winds arrive onshore tomorrow and become stronger Friday. (Courtesy NOAA)

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Wednesday: Lots of clouds, some sunny breaks, muggy. Shower or storm possible with a downpour. Highs 70-75.

Wednesday Night: Muggy and mild. May shower. Lows 64-68.

Thursday: Sunshine and clouds, highs 72-76. There will be a chance of showers later in the day.

Friday: Sunshine and clouds. Still muggy. Highs 75-80.

Saturday: Sun and clouds. Quite warm. Highs 75-81.

Sunday: Sunshine and a few clouds. Warm. Highs 78-83.

David Epstein Twitter Meteorologist
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